Thank you for your praise about my Creative Courage e-course from around the world! 

"Creative Courage could not have come at a better time in my creative career.  I'm only halfway through the course and I already feel like I've turned a corner in my courage to believe that the creative life I dream of can become reality.  Digging into Stephanie's collection of inspiring quotes on creativity and her in-depth artist interviews would, on it's own, already make this course worth the investment.  But on top of her careful research, Stephanie shares her own wealth of experience and provides practical exercises that are inspired by a deep insight into the emotional struggles many artists face.  

With her approachable style of teaching, Stephanie has created an e-course that is like an intensely personal coaching experience and a celebration of community among creative people who support and cheer each other on.  I can't wait to see where my newly-strengthened creative courage takes me from here!"  Sadee, Germany


"Stephanie Levy's Creative Courage is truly about courage. It's about finding the courage to be yourself and follow the murmurings of your heart. 

Creative Courage is about connecting, finding balance, cleaning out and letting go. CC is about creating your life without fear. The exercises are fun and validating. The interviews are mesmerizing ... so many different stories and paths. 

Stephanie's words and Monday videos make you feel as if someone really cares about you and your dreams." Mary, USA


"I love Stephanie’s Creative Courage e-course. I’ve participated in three of her courses and each time I’ve learned something new and exciting.  Stephanie is inspiring, supportive, and a wealth of information.   Her videos are warm and encouraging; the projects are fun; and the interviews are fabulous.  I can’t sing Stephanie’s praises enough!  Creative Courage is a wonderful adventure!" Ellen, USA


"I was so lucky to be part of September 2012's Creative Courage course.  The oppurtunity to learn so much from and get in contact with so much other creative people all over the world, is something I was and still am very happy with. The course is full of practical and inspirational information and I would recommend anyone to take this course." Esther, Netherlands


"The Creative Courage course provided so much encouragement as well as practical guidance for artistic endeavors.  My favorite parts were the exercises that encouraged participants to write down and make time for activities we love to do.  Those exercises reminded me that sometimes the best use of "productive" time is to just have fun :)" Michelle, USA


"This is my third time I've signed up for Creative Courage. I have gotten so
much out of Stephanie's classes. It has introduced me to many creative
people from around the world as well as given me more confidence to pursue
my art. I highly recommended this to anyone interested in expanding and
growing their creative vision." Brooke, USA


"Stephanie's Creative Courage course is amazing!  It's given me the courage to call myself an artist and I recently entered my first art show.  Prior to the course, I would not have considered either of those things to be even a remote possibility.

The Creative Courage course has been just the pill I needed to combat creative inertia and fear.  Not only does it offer practical information on important business things like promoting yourself with a web, blog, Facebook, etc, but the Facebook group provides a really supportive environment to ask questions and see other people demonstrating their creative courage by taking creative risks/leaps.  

I never used to think having a blog was that important.  I have now completely changed my viewpoint, have chosen the name for my soon-to-debut blog, and am anxious to launch it before the end of the course.  Thank you for showing me the "where-to-from-here".  I appreciate the interviews you share.  Other people's experiences are truly invaluable.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in taking their creativity to the 'next level', whatever that may mean to them and the dreams they are striving to realize.  Thank you Stephanie for having the insight to put together such a unique course."  Fern, Canada


"Creative Courage offers an open, creative, fun, confronting, motivating, encouraging, practical, emotional, wonderful way of defining and discovering your creative goals and dreams. Through fun activities and exercises Stephanie helps you to get rid of old feelings of insecurity and encourages you to find out how to combine following your creative dreams with all other things going on in a busy life.

Stephanie's personal approach makes the e-course very open and in no time a community of creative people has been formed. The practical tips, the excercises, and questions form a beautiful balance in the e-course, along with inspiring artist interviews. Creative Courage gives you that push you need into taking (small and big) steps towards your creative dreams." Koosje, Netherlands


"I joined the Creative Courage class after a long time of -- well, it’s hard to put into words -- Procrastination?   Apprehension?    Timidity?   Anyway, Stephanie has really helped me to get over whatever-it-was and into making some constructive steps. I’m not there yet, but I don’t feel like the obstacles are as tough as they used to be. The class has been a huge helping hand in helping me come out of my artistic hidey-hole.   The camaraderie of the other students on Facebook has also been amazing.   Many thanks to Stephanie and to all!"  sue-chan, UK


"As a participant in the current Creative Courage e-course, I highly recommend it! Stephanie is full of valuable information, her interviews are inspiring, and she's a wonderful travel writer!" Jen, Painted Fish Studio, Minnesota, USA


"Stephanie's e-course has soul, wisdom, timely and valuable insights and info, and it feels safe and warm and friendly! I, too, highly recommend!"  Pattie, USA

"Creative Courage is my first e-Course and workshop but I don't feel like I took 1 course, but maybe 5 or 6, there's been a wealth of information and I am still trying to catch up on it all, it was all very useful." Dina, Canada


"Creative Courage is a terrific course, filled to the brim with exercises, discussions, interviews & you get to travel with her to 1 of her 12 countries in 12 months. Stephanie is wise beyond measure, she even schedules her classes so they don't interfere with holidays. Stephanie is kind, caring & extremely helpful in holding your hand to become a better, more creative you. I love the 1st course so much, I've already signed up for 2012 and the 1st course isn't completed yet."  Sues, USA


"Creative Courage is billed as finding, following, and realizing your creative dreams but it's really an adventure for your whole being. Guest interviews and travelogues illuminate and enlighten while exercises for your mind, body and heart gently challenge individuals to move forward into action which applies to anyone at any stage of life, says this mom of four." Vanessa, USA 


"The Creative Courage e-course has indeed provided me with the courage to pursue my artistic/creative urges. Through Stephanie's encouraging videos, informational postings, course exercises and interviews with artists and entrepreneurs I am enCOURAGEd to follow my artistic/creative dreams. She has compiled so much helpful information from inspirational quotes to how to create a workable workspace, to exercises that help delve into the innermost workings of our artistic minds and step by step processes on how to use the social media that is available to all of us to bring our art to others. 

I find it really easy to work at my own pace through all of the information Stephanie is sharing. She has also created a dedicated facebook page for all of the class attendees and that has given me a great sense of belonging to something tangible. The feedback and inspiration from the group is absolutely amazing. I hope to meet some of these talented women in person someday, because it has given me such a sense of community that I have been missing. The artist interviews provide valuable information from women that have pursued their dream and are now affecting others in such a positive manner.

But the most amazing gift from this course is Stephanie herself. Her willingness to share her story and the process she has used to achieve the success that she has is selfless. She is a wonderful communicator and has structured the course in a way that is easy to follow. I admire her for wanting to share her insights with others that are are wanting to pursue their creative urges. She has put a lot of work into this course in finding resources, sharing philosophies, creating videos to talk with us each week, sharing her travels which include tours of fabulous cities that are famous for their art and lifestyles and for being encouraging when we have questions regarding the course and it's work. 

She has pushed me to realize that it is okay for me to pursue my dreams whether or not I intend to make money from them or whether or not I do it the same as everyone else...the important part is to pursue and to acknowledge my desire to create because it is good for me." Rendell, Canada

Thank you, my Creative Courage sisters for all your wonderful feedback and support! I continue learn so much from you as well!



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