Stephanie Levy Berlin

Hi, I'm Stephanie,  a mixed media artist originally from rural Tennessee, USA, now living in my soul city of Berlin, Germany. 

I love meeting and interviewing interesting people, noticing beautiful details and the absurd in Berlin, tasting unusual, spicy, ethnic foods, and bringing others together through creative online courses and live workshops. 

Exploring Berlin and taking photos of my life and travels in Europe - especially using Instagram -  is a pleasure for me, and I'm always delighted to share my favorite discoveries.

My new website celebrates my many loves - art, photography, the creative process, delicious food, wandering in fascinating places, gaining insights from special guests, and offering what I've learned along the way. 

If you'd like to see more behind the scenes photos of my daily life in Berlin, and get inspired by my recipes, DIY, and guest interviews, be sure to hop over to my new blog and Instagram.

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Join me to to learnmake, and explore in my e-courses and in my upcoming workshops in Berlin.

I hope to meet you soon in my online classes, in person for a Berlin retreat - or both!

I sincerely believe that we are all artists and in the words of Patty Digh, "If you're alive, you're creative."

Here's to encouraging more creativity in our lives as we connect from around the world!

Sending you warm greetings from Berlin,


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