June 10, 2014

Berlin Debut + Summer Session Workshops

The time is drawing near, and tomorrow our very first Art + Adventure Workshop in Berlin will begin!

I'm delighted to welcome a group of lovely creative women from around the world to join me here making mixed media collages and exploring the lovely city of Berlin!
I've been gathering fun workshop supplies at the art stores, at my favorite flea markets (this photo from Arkona Platz), all over town, and we've been busy busy busy.... I can't wait to meet my participants and get started.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get all the behind the scenes views of our Berlin Art + Adventure Workshop.
AND - for everyone who loves the summer as much as I do - our Summer Session of Creative Courageous Yearis starting next week on June 16th! 
You don't want to miss out on our many new delicious recipes, arts + crafts projects, guest interviews, summer book selections, and weekly photo walks. 

We'll have picnic and summer party ideas with yummy and simple to prepare healthy foods - and a special South of France / Mediterranean inspired feast as well!
One of my favorite parts about Creative Courageous Year is that I've definitely been noticing more beauty in my daily life through our weekly photo walks.

I'm inspired by what I've been discovering in my own life - and it is true a delight to see what other women are sharing from around the world in our friendly, open international group.
I have an Early Bird Discount running on the Summer Session e-course right now, yay! 

You can also get a reduced price on all three upcoming Seasonal Sessions (Summer, Autumn, and Holiday Sessions) to give yourself a boost of creative joy all year long. More about how to save money with my 3 season package here.

We're going to have a lovely time together, and you are most welcome to join in the fun.
Come explore + make + taste with us in our new Summer Session.
Sending you beautiful, sunny hugs from Berlin,


May 26, 2014

A Berlin Walk in May

This month, I've been guest posting on the habit group photography blog and it has been a great opportunity for me to get out my "good" camera and take lots of photo walks - rather than relying on my iPhone camera as I usually do.

Join me today for a walk through my Berlin neighborhood in May... more photos on habit too ;)
I hope you've been having a great May too!
Come take a tour of Berlin with me + I'll be sharing more fun news soon :)
p.s. - I'll be offering a new summer print - free for you to download - in my next newsletter. Sign up to get your copy here.

May 16, 2014

5 on Friday Artist Interview : Mati Rose McDonough

Mati Rose McDonough is a mixed media artist based in San Francisco and the author of Daring Adventures in Paint. She's represented by the well-known Lilla Rogers Studio and her artwork has appeared on everything from t-shirts to games to furniture. Mati has some exciting creative projects in the works, so enjoy her interview today and get all the news!
Welcome Mati and please tell us about 5 of your favorite things! 

1. Confessional = really cheezy shows like "Drop Dead Diva" about a model who dies and goes into the body of a lawyer and she has an angel follow her to court. Super believeable, I know;) I have a real affinity for switching bodies themed movies like "Freaky Friday", "Sliding Doors" and "13 Going on 30". It piques my curiosity to think of living someone else's life with your brain.  

2. Art + Design books! On my desk right now: Whatever You Are, Be a good One by Lisa Congdon, Paper to Petal by Rebecca Thuss & Patrick Farrell, Creative Family Home by Ashlyn Gibson and The Onion's Great Escape by Sara Fanelli.

3. Red wine and conversations and crafting with my girlfriends. 

4. Breakfast in bed brought to me by my dear foodie boyfriend Justin. 

5. Riding my sea green bike around town in the flatlands. I like to coast.
Where do you live, what do you like about it - and what place would you most like to visit one day?

I live in Oakland, California. I love the weather... usually sunny and temperate year round! The gardens with lush rose bushes and succulents. Farmer's markets. The accessibility to the ocean and redwoods and vineyards. The diversity of International cultures and therefore food!

I want to visit Paris because I have never been which seems like an obvious oversight as an artist!
How do you manage to keep a good life/work balance and stay healthy and fit?

I work out at the YMCA 3 x's a week running and lifting with my boyfriend. I also take hikes frequently with my friend Monica. Ride my bike. I try to do yoga once a week too for mental health. This last year I've really prioritized exercise in my schedule and even though it cuts into my work day, I feel I have more presence of mind and work more efficiently.

I try to sleep a good 8 plus hours too and have recently converted to an eye mask + ear plugs routine that has helped tremendously in getting uninterrupted shut-eye, anywhere!
What is the most exciting adventure you ever had?

Driving cross-country of the US for 3 months camping and staying with friends along the southern route when I was 24 with my college roomate to San Francisco, where I've stayed all 14 years later. 
Please tell us more about your favorite upcoming creative projects for 2014, and could you also share some advice to those who would like to pursue a more creative, artistic path too?

I'm super excited for my summer collage online course starting June 1st! It will be an easy entry for those just starting out and those who want to stretch their creative muscles in a supportive way. 

I'm also so looking forward to making art in person at retreats coming up like this one in the fall in New York near the Hamptons. 

I definitely recommend signing up for a class if you want to pursue a creative path to be introduced to new techniques and tips as well as meeting other creatives!!
Also my recently published children's book was a dream project illustrating one of my favorite poems by ee cummings "I Carry Your Heart in My Heart". It's now available signed in my shop.  

Thank you Mati! I've followed your beautiful artwork for years and I'm certain that is it an inspiring experience to take your e-courses and workshops as you have so many glowing reviews here.
Connect with Mati Rose on her websiteblogfacebooktwitter, and join her for a workshop, class, or retreat here.
AND if you are a collage fan like me, don't miss Mati's new Daring Adventures in Collage online course starting June 1st.

I'll be contributing an artist interview and I'm excited to join in the fun :)

Happy creative weekend + thank you so much Mati Rose for sharing today!



May 14, 2014

You're invited to a summer party in Berlin!

Dear creative friends, 

You are invited to a private party this summer - a big, colorful, collage festival in Berlin!

If you'd like to celebrate art, creativity, friendship, good food, and the spirit of travel, my new art + adventure workshop in Berlin is the perfect place to do all of those things :)
Each morning, we'll meet together to experiment with mixed media collage using different techniques.
We'll gather exciting, one of a kind materials here in Berlin and I'll be sharing my private stash of papers and art supplies with you as well.
My collage workshop focuses on play and process. I believe that we're all creative and you don't need any previous experience to join in the fun.
In Berlin, you'll be welcomed in our gorgeous, historic studio surrounded by creative dance and other workshop ateliers.
In a recent article about my Art + Adventure Workshop in Berlin on the UPPERCASE Magazine blog, editor Janine Vangool wrote, "Look at that gorgeous workshop room... a beautiful blank canvas within which you can create to your heart's content!"

I agree completely - and I'm looking forward to creating with you.
I'm very happy to announce that my friend Christine Gerlach, a talented Berlin-based designer who studied art in Edinburgh, will be assisting us and adding her special artistic flair to our workshop as well.
We'll enjoy delicious foods during the workshop, including vegan, gluten-free, and allergy friendly alternatives. I'm passionate about great food, and I want to delight you with the wonderful tastes of Europe.
In the afternoons, we'll go exploring and I'll guide you to all my favorite inspiring places in Berlin.
This workshop was designed to be a once in a lifetime creative experience for you in Berlin, and I hope you'll join us.

Many like-minded friendly women from around the world have already signed up - including participants from the US, Australia, South Africa, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and Canada - and I'd love to add your country to our list :)

I only have a few spots left for my June 11 - 15th and my September 3 - 7th workshops. Spaces are filling quickly now and we're almost full.

Get all of the details about my workshop here + reserve your space today.

Everything is ready for our beautiful Art + Adventure party in Berlin and this is your personal invitation - all you need to do is say yes :)

Yes to your creative spirit, yes to adventure, and yes to Berlin.

Sending you creative hugs from Berlin and I'd love to meet you this summer here,



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